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In order to have an effective strategy and get optimum results from all initiatives, a full understanding of digital marketing and communications, from planning to optimization, is necessary.

As an experienced marketer with a diverse background in Communications, Digital Marketing and Management, I always look at the bigger picture of the multichannel marketing efforts applied to an iteration cycle. I am what some may call "full stack marketer", "growth hacker" or, my favourite, growth strategist.

Everything starts with a good plan. A deep understanding of the product strategy and studies about the market and the target audience are requisites of the planning process.


With the best strategies and tactics in mind (and “on paper”), the a good execution turns everything into well-crafted content and consistent use of chosen tools.


All marketing initiatives must be done with proper tracking followed by analysis. This way, it’s possible to accurately calculate ROI and see how well each initiative performs.


After analyzing results, it’s necessary to asses the tactics and initiatives in order to identify a way to improve them and to find solutions to problems.

Digital Marketing Skills

The digital landscape is extremely diverse. That landscape demands any marketer to have a wide set of skills in order to efficiently communicate with the target audience and attract the right market segment.
Multichannel marketing is imperative

With so many communication channels, platforms and tools available nowadays, a marketing strategy needs to be multichannel. This way, the company can create several touchpoints to communicate to potential, current or past customer. A good mix of social, owned, earned and paid media is part of any good strategy.

My work experience and skills allow me to comfortably work on different channels and initiatives, having in mind the importance of each one and analyzing their results.

Here's a list of some of my expertises:

  • Marketing Automation

    The main advantages of marketing automation is that it is highly scalable and targeted. With it, the content sent is more contextualized and relevant to the customer.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Be it with organic reach or social advertising, the use of Social Media platforms is required for any online presence.

  • Online Advertising

    Budget of different sizes can accommodate online advertising. Measurability and targeting are some of the many benefits of this strategy.

  • User Experience and Website Optimization

    With so many channels, the user experience must be cohesive across all campaigns and initiatives. The website should be the center hub of everything and should be optimized with A/B testing and UX studies.


Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Email Marketing
Email Marketing

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